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INGINE designs standalone application for organizations. We work hand in hand to create a magical experience for your customers.

Textbook Design

INGINE will design a whole textbook based on the information your organization needs. Those designs have to have enough features for the app to recognize it.

3D Arts

Then comes the 3D modeling step. Where models will be created for each page as it explains exactly what that page intails but with a more visual experience.


The last step is combining the magic of Augmented reality for the textbook images with the 3D models. When the camera of the app scans the textbook it will map a 3D model on it.



INGINE considers this as a reference to scan, in order to map 3D experiences on. Hence, they can be 3D objects or Images.

3D Arts & Navigation

Then the 3D modeling step. Where models will be created for each beacon. Furthermore, INGINE can map arrows as a navigation as a navigation tool to guide your visitors at the museum.

Virtual Assistant

To level up the experience INGINE will add voices to navigate the visitors and explain the artifacts of your museum to give them a personalized experiance.


At last with the power of Augmented Reality INGINE will combine the beacons, 3D models, navigation and the virtual assistant in a stand alone application. Where the camera of the app can walk the talk.



Your Menu is most likely to be compatible with INGINE already! If not we will work together to make it artificially intelligent.

Food to 3D Model!

INGINE will take 360 images of your crafted cuisines and turn them to photo-realistic 3D models.


The Application will allow your customers to view your menu on the table just as if the food was there.

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PDO Knowledge World Textbook. Powered by INGINE. You will be able to download the app and scan the textbook first hand.

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